Friday, May 25, 2012

To share, or not to share.

Wedding planning is in full swing! From January through April, I felt like we were having trouble really getting the wedding planning going. The biggest hang up was the reception and ceremony location. We looked at many, many locations, and considered many, many options for different types of weddings. Nothing was quite right. I think the biggest road block was that Will and I really weren't totally sure what we wanted. We knew what we didn't want, but knowing what you don't want  eliminates options, and does not make decisions. 
Then one day a few weeks ago, Will and I had a breakthrough. We made several major decisions about our wedding in a few hours time, and they all just felt right. As if we should have known the answers to where, and how, and what all along.

 My current question is how much do I share of these important and exciting decisions. I'm a fairly reserved and quiet person, but when I'm excited about something, I want to talk about, discuss it, brainstorm about it, and especially share it on my blog! Especially since these exciting things are pretty and creative some are even crafty!

We share so much of ourselves with facebook and the like, but then wedding planning comes along, and everything is supposed to be a secret! I've really tried to examine the "supposed to's" surrounding weddings before I jumped into them, and this is one I haven't quite known where to go with. Should I share the picture of myself, at the wedding gown shop, in my wedding dress?  Should I show pictures of the items I'm starting to buy and gather? Will sharing pictures and specifics of the preparation take away from the excitement of sharing those things on the actual day?

So far I've taken the share in person, not on the internet stance. I love showing off pictures of my dress, but have avoided doing so online. I love the invitations I bought today, but want there to be some sort of excitement for guests when they open their envelopes next spring. However, maybe the excitement has nothing to do with the colors, styles, and textures of the decisions, but rather the event and I'm overthinking it.

Like all of our other planning decisions, I'm hoping this one will settle into a choice that feels right. If you're planning a wedding too (I feel like so many people I know are!) let me know your thoughts on sharing (or not) in the comments or on my facebook page.

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