Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Peach

The dining room window and living room sliding door are open, for the first time in way too long. There is nothing better, especially after a month of 90 degrees, than morning bird tweets and feeling a little chilly from the breeze that's coming in.

Will is still getting some much deserved sleeping in after working all week, and the puppy has moved from her "I just woke up" hyper phase to her "I'm ready for a nap" sleepy stage. A nap is now in progress on the couch. Which is to say, the apartment is quiet except for a fan in the window, and quite peaceful.

 I just finished making muffins. Peach muffins. I have been eating peaches like crazy over the past few weeks, I literally cannot get enough. I bought enough to make a peach cobbler tonight, but when I woke up, I knew I couldn't wait that long. So I borrowed one from the cobbler supply to make a small batch of muffins. I pined this recipe last summer, and finally got around to making them today. They would also be great with apples in the fall!

The cake stand is new, this is its first chance to showcase food! I bought it at an antique shop up north on the fourth of July, and it's been hanging out on top of the china cabinet with some wedding Ball jars  on top ever since. It's nice to see something yummy on it!