Monday, May 21, 2012

plus one room

When I watched the news Friday morning and saw a weekend forecast of 80+ degrees, I knew it was time to plant. My first trip of the season to buy plants is always so wonderful. I think I walked up and down the rows of flowers and plants about 20 times, picking out the perfect plants to spend the summer on our balcony. I'm trying to slooowwwly pace out plant purchases, since trips to the farm market and gardening centers are my favorite part.

what I started with

a start to summer

I finished planting my weekend purchases today after work, so these pictures aren't totally up to date. I would be surprised if I can wait until this weekend before adding one or two more things! I love every season for one reason or another, but this time of year is particularly sweet. Starting planting means a daily (enjoyable) task of watering, and makes our apartment suddenly feel like we are plus one room! Looking forward to the months ahead of us in this new "room". My favorite room of summer.

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