Saturday, April 21, 2012

french toast and saturdays

Saturday morning breakfast. Cinnamon raisin french toast with strawberries and powdered sugar.

Yum. I make my french toast with a touch of almond extract in the egg-milk mixture and it is so delicious. Unfortunately, like most weekends, this was eaten all by my lonesome. Will works almost every weekend, which is especially a bummer now that I'm working full time and my days off are the weekends. I've been telling myself for months (and years, really) that one day our schedules would be more similar, that one we would both have weekends off, and guess what? One day has arrived! Well, it will in June at least! After finals in the next week, Will will be finished with all but one class towards his degree at the end of June, and yesterday he received his official job offer from a company he interviewed with a few weeks ago. He'll be in training all summer (and also finishing up his last class, which is luckily online), and working pretty long hours, but weekends will be all ours!

I am so, so excited for those days. I see lots of french toast in our future.


Katie P. said...

Is it the job offer with Quicken by chance? If so (or if it isn't) Congrats! =) I know many people that have been brought in and love it (I know I do!)

Glad everything is falling together for you two =)

Jessica said...

Yes, it is!

Chelsea Lonsdale said...

congrats will!!! also, my friend's husband works for quicken! his name is dave gillhespy. i think he might do IT stuff. what's will going to be doing? that's so awesome. quicken, i think, might have a daycare? no? isn't their downtown office supposed to be pretty amazing?

Jessica said...

Yes, he said the building is amazing, and I believe they do have childcare in the building. Because of my hours (finishing fairly early) versus his (finishing LATE) we most likely wouldn't use it, but it's always nice to have the option! He's going to be in training to be a mortgage broker.