Thursday, March 29, 2012

oh, brother.

Dear sweet brother of mine, happy birthday.

Today my baby brother turned 13. It seems incredibly momentous to me mostly because I was 13 when he was born. The past few years of his life have not been the peaceful years they should have been, and because of that, mine haven't been either. But I can see his life settling down into something that is easier. I'm sure teenage-hood will bring it's challenges, but he is truly growing up. He is a wonderful boy that I have loved since the moment my stepmom's pregnancy was announced. He added to my life in ways he still won't realize for many years, despite the slow yet noticeable trickle of mature young adult I see appearing.

Today I thought about holding that little baby body in my arms. Now he's nearly my height, and we wear the same size shoes. Sometimes I wish I could have that baby boy back, but it's also pretty neat to see the person he's becoming. He's still silly and rambunctious and loud....
13, much?
but he's my silly, rambunctious, loud baby brother. And I think he'll be that whether he's 13 or 30.  

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