Saturday, March 17, 2012


Spring is often non-existent in Michigan. We might be lucky enough to have a few days here and there when we can take our coats off, but for the most part, it stays pretty chilly well past the official first day of spring, which is now just 3 days away. So to have not only spring like weather, but summer temperatures even before spring arrives, is crazy. The kind of crazy that makes me feel (mostly) love, but also (a little bit of) hate.

Let's get the bad news out of the way first, and then end on a positive note.

If I had a picture to share for this category, it would be of a tissue box. Or three, because that's how much tissue I've gone through in the past 4 days. One on the coffee table? gone. One on my desk at work? gone. One in the bathroom? gone. I also have one in my car which is well on its way to needing to be replaced. I usually get slightly annoying but not terrible fall and spring allergies, but this week has been out of control. The best night of sleep all week was when we shut all the windows and turned on the air conditioning. IN MARCH!
I finally couldn't stand it anymore so I went to the doctor this morning, and I have allergies, which caused an ear infection and a sinus infection. No fun. I'm looking forward to being able to breathe out of my nose again.

SUN, dresses without tights, PLANTING.
A week straight of temperatures reaching 70 and above immediately makes me think of one thing: planting time! While I normally wouldn't be planting for at least another month, I decided to take my chances with some hardy early spring plants. Last night Will and I went to home depot before heading downtown for an ice cream cone and a walk in this beautiful weather. I usually shop at Lowes, since it's closer to where we live. However, I recently decided to stop supporting Lowes as they pulled their commercials from a tv show called "All American Muslim" which was filmed in my hometown, due to pressures from a christian group from Florida. So long Lowes, hello Home Depot (at least until our local farmers market opens for the season!). We came home with two pansies and two hyacinths.

This afternoon I took out a planter that has been waiting patiently tucked under our patio table since last September and started planting.

They are loving the sun, and I swear the hyacinths have grown in just the few hours that they've been in the soil and sun! 

 Mango has been enjoying the enhanced screen door view too, although to her, you can't get much better than the birds that visit our bird feeder :-)

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