Saturday, December 17, 2011

always room for more

I thought that I was finished decorating for christmas. However, after a day of christmas carols and snow falling,  I was in the mood to decorate. I ended up in one of the only places left, the bathroom. A few minutes with some leftover silver bulbs and dental floss, I had the beginnings of a festive bathroom. I just tied the dental floss to the top of the bulbs, and tied the other end along the bathroom light fixture. It needed something more though, so I added some white and silver beaded twigs and a sweet little glittery bird from Joannes. 60% off of everything means that this sparkly addition to the holiday decor was less than $2! It also goes perfectly with the white and silver snowflake hand towels that I already had in there.


Mango approves!

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