Sunday, June 12, 2011

a place for Mango

Mango loves to lay in front of our sliding glass door. I've had the idea for a long time of finding a bench to put right where she lays, so she could have a comfy place to sit in her favorite spot. Every time I went to a garage sale, antique store, etc. for the last year or so, a bench has been on my mind, but I never had any luck. A few weeks ago,  my mom and step-dad called me to say they just left a garage sale and had found a small bench with a padded top. Perfect! It was old and needed a little work, but honestly that's kind of a bonus for me! I love painting things white and picking out fabric, so a piece of furniture that needs work is like an invitation to do so.

Mango liked it even before I did any changes. She immediately jumped up and made herself to home.

I chose a nice thick foam so it would be comfortable, and a greeny, turquoise leaf print fabric. I knew I would be painting it white, since I had white paint left from my last chair project. Even after finishing, I still have lots of paint left. Sounds like I need to find another piece of furniture....

A few coats of paint and some staples later, the final product:

Mango is definitely a fan. Whenever I go outside to take care of the plants, she plops herself on her bench to watch my every move. I think this is my favorite project yet. It's the perfect size for the space, and is a pretty little surprise in an area I would never think to put anything unless Mango had given me the idea! Thanks, kitty.


Kristine. said...

Wow! That's a pretty awesome transformation. :)

Chelsea said...

oh wow!!! great job!
someday i'm going to come over and see all of your craftiness!!!!!

Sadie said...

This is too funny. I just re did two sewing benches which look identical to that. If you lift up the cushion is there a space to store things? Its original design was to fit in front of a sewing machine with storage for your sewing stuff. I have its twin at my house. I painted two to sit next to each other as our entry way benches. We store our extra keys, emergency flashlight, quarters for laundry, bus maps, and other things in the space between the cushion an wood. Google sewing bench and you will read all about them. Do you spray adhesive the foam to the wood before covering it? I love to do that so its not sliding around while trying to staple and pull the fabric.