Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've been planting!

The warm weather has been so wonderful lately, and totally gotten me in the mood for planting. I've had to restrain myself because balcony planting space is pretty limited, and when I'm walking through the farm market I want to buy everything! I absolutely cannot wait to have a yard in a few years, with a big garden and lots of flower beds.

For now though, I have my little balcony.
This is in the pot with my sticks and twinkle lights. It should grow and fall over the edge of the pot, and have purple flowers.

Lettuce! So pretty and easy. Also, tasty.

Basil, rosemary, and thyme. Plus a pot of pansies, which you can see a tiny bit of in the back.

And the best part? I filled the pots of my new plants with soil from my compost bin! Throughout last summer, I filled my bin, a large tupper wear container with drilled holes in the side, with produce scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, leaves from outside my apartment, and the ends of big bags of soil I bought. I used a broom handle to stir it up every once in a while. Once fall came, I pretty much forgot about it until last week, when I opened it up to find a bin filled with beautiful dirt!

I never had problems with bugs or smells, and while I kept smelling the soil expecting something to be "wrong" with it, I smelled nothing but the earthy smell of good ol' dirt! I plan on finishing off the current bin of soil with more planting over the next month or so, and then starting some new compost when it's gone. I might even add in some worms, which I've heard can speed up the process of compost becoming soil. 

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Diane said...

What a lovely friend-filled Saturday we had! We should definitely revisit Beezy's in Ypsi again someday.

I definitely want to make a garden this year, and if you want to help that would be double the fun =) Once the weather stops being miserable, we should find a good sunny gardening day.