Monday, April 25, 2011

not a wasted moment

My favorite evening of the workweek might be Monday. When I was interning full time, it was usually the evening I planned the most effortless dinner and spent much of the evening lounging on the couch. Now that I work three days a week, it's like this wonderful surprise. Monday morning is tough no matter how little you're working, but to make it through the day and then find yourself with a free evening and then a day off is quite lovely.

Last week I heard a story on NPR about writing a memoir in only six words. Some were funny, others tragic, but the one that stood out the most was one in which the first four words described the persons career, and the last two: "wasted life"

I had the realization after my last session of the day with a particularly adorable two year old, that there is no possible way for me to have a wasted life, even if not one more of my life wishes were to come true. To help a tiny human find their voice, whether that be by handing me a picture card, or making a single sound, or putting together a full sentence, that is the absolute opposite of a waste. Every minute of my time with students is so loaded with expectation, anticipation, and hope from the parents who I work with. This is anything but a waste. I've walked out of the preschool each afternoon not always feeling totally confident, or like I made all the right decisions, or had the right answers, or followed the most perfect protocols, but even then, no hint of a waste.

Tonight for dinner I have a lasagna in the oven. I drove home in the rain craving something cozy, and so lasagna it was. Here's to a cozy night :-)

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