Sunday, January 30, 2011

wait, I have a blog?

I've been seriously neglecting my blog recently, with almost two weeks of no updating! I can't say I have anything all that exciting to share, but I wanted to check in I love that my blog causes me to think to myself  "how can I incorporate more creativity into my week?" It really does encourage me to take on projects and set aside time for creative endeavors.

So far this week, I'm planning on making soup for dinner on Tuesday. Will loves chicken corn chowder, so I'm going to make it based on the recipe found here: chicken corn chowder
Today we went grocery shopping for the ingredients, and to save time, I'm going to cook and cube up the chicken  tonight. That way on Tuesday evening, I can stick to one pot and eliminate the most time consuming step. If it comes out as pretty as the one pictured in the blog above, I'll share some of my own later in the week!
I browsed the blog a little more and am loving her recipes! I definitely want to try the french onion soup.

So how else can I add creativity in the week? Since I'm using this post partially as a way to brainstorm answers to that questions, here are my ideas:
Continue work on this project. I bought wood filler, glued the separated joints, and filled in the area with the large gouge out of it. Next step is to sand, prime, paint, and choose some fabric for the seat. I had hoped to do all of that this weekend, but I got busy! Maybe I'll work on it slowly throughout the week and try to finish it up next weekend.

Work on my 2011 scrapbook. I scrapbooked from 8th grade through the summer after I graduated from highschool and haven't been able to keep up with it since then. I love finished books though and am committed to making one this year! I started one for 2011 with the idea that I could work on it month by month and be finished by this time next year. Definitely a more attainable goal than trying to complete the last 5-6 years! I'll never catch up at that rate! I decided to organize the book by month, so I'd like to get January finished within the next few weeks.

I think that, on top of class and my full time internship, is enough for one week! There's talk of a big snowstorm hitting Michigan towards the middle of the week, so maybe a snow-day will help some of these things to get accomplished? ;-)

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