Tuesday, January 18, 2011

video tour

Over the summer I was inspired by video home tours on some of my favorite blogs including Young House Love, and Bower Power. So inspired that I decided to make my own, of our apartment! Young House Love shared videos of their first apartments, and I thought it would be really neat to look back on one day. Will has said multiple times that I should turn my blog into a "video blog" but despite the undertaking of this video tour, it's not gonna happen! I had fun editing it, but felt way too awkward to make it a regular thing. Despite going to school to help people communicate, I'd rather listen to others than talk myself. I thought it was so awkward that I put off sharing it for months! haha. I finally got up the courage to share it, months, and several furniture changes later. Enjoy!

Apartment tour from Jessica Riney on Vimeo.

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Dayna said...

I LOVED this! It's so funny how similar our apartments are in subtle ways. As I was watching, I saw the little basket in the bathroom to hold stuff, the bike in the bedroom, the shelving that you put up... it totally reminds me of our place. I love that lamp in your bedroom. Your kitchen is wayyy more cozy, I am so jealous. I also love that I can hear the good old Michigan accent when you talk, which I never realized people had up north until I moved.. i.e. when you say "that," it sounds like "thyeaaht" instead of "th-ah-t." :) I loved this! I love your blog :)