Saturday, November 13, 2010

fall winds down...but it's not done!

Thanksgiving touches around the apartment are finished, at last. I had posted previously here about some craft projects I had in mind, and sat down Wednesday night to work on the paper lanterns. They looked so easy and cute. Well, they weren't. I made three mediocre paper lanterns before giving up on them. In the blog I saw them on, they were round and lovely. Mine refused to stay round, and all of the strips hung on one side. I might have another go at it, but for now, paper lanterns are out.

This is what I have done, some simple touches to remind us of Thanksgiving for the next few weeks. Emphasis on simple; I've been busy!

centerpiece= collected these acorns with my friend's four year old niece, plopped half in a ball jar, and the other half in one of my pots. Cut out a circle of fabric to add an extra layer of interest. Done.

Notice something different?
When I first added fabric to this shelf in August, I was in love with the fabric choice, but thought it might look a little to spring/summery when fall and winter came. I bought this fabric last week and changed it out last night. It took probably about 10 minutes to change, including ironing the fabric. So glad I decided to change it out! It's much warmer looking for this time of year.

 The kitchen has a few touches, including a green ceramic bowl filled with green apples (which have lasted all the way through fall), and some pretty fall flowers from my stepdad <3

Bittersweet on the wall. 

I even convinced Will to let me put something decorative near his beloved xbox. 

So there you have it, the end of fall in apartment 3D. As much as I try to get myself to slow down and just enjoy this time of year, I'm getting so excited about Christmas!

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Kristine. said...

Looks awesome! I once tried to put a picture frame and a candle near Brian's PS3 and xbox. That didn't last very long. ;)