Saturday, November 13, 2010

Target clearance end caps, I love you

After a really long day on Thursday (early meeting, internship all day, and then class until 7:30), I came home to Will who was in the mood to go out and do something. He managed to convince me to go to Target with him, and I'm glad he did, because the clearance end caps were well stocked! We got some great deals, including one of our favorite candle scents in the largest size for half off, and these fall decorations that we can still enjoy for a few more weeks, and pack away to decorate with next season. I love deals!

$2.48? Yes please!

75% off? Sold!

This wicker pumpkin was $4.98, the kitty is invaluable <3 (....and also a camera hog)

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Kristine. said...

You got that wreath for two bucks!? So jealous. Our endcaps at Target aren't filled with anything pretty like that!