Saturday, November 20, 2010

On being authentic

even Mango has been feeling lazy

There are several things I think of when I think "what do I want for my blog?" I want it to be pretty, I want it to be interesting, and most of all, I want it to be authentic to what my creative home life is actually like. So it's hard sometimes, when life turns lazy, to keep a blog also pretty and interesting. For instance, when returning from my internship one day after 5, and resorting to a pot of boiling water and a block of ramen noodles for dinner, I am not at my most creative, pretty, or interesting. It's in those moments I see just how hard it can be to maintain your self, in my case, my creative self, when life gets hectic. I love having this blog, but more often than not in this past semester, I've wanted to spend my evenings watching tv and not crafting, decorating, cooking, or writing and posting about it. But once I actually do those things, I feel really good about them.

So I guess you could call this entry "sorry I haven't been updating much" or "at least I'm being authentic" Perhaps I could be really authentic and post some pictures of the kitchen counter when it gets piled up with junk mail, or when the living room becomes a make shift laundry folding room? Authentic, but certainly not pretty. I guess it's about finding a balance, in blog, and life.

That said, I am nearly to the end of my first internship, and a break from this hectic schedule is on the horizon! I can hardly believe it, but I'll be finished the week after Thanksgiving. My final(!) internship starts in January, so I will have nearly a month of free time, and lots of Christmas creativity to fill that time with! I have loved my internship more than I even thought was possible, but I can't wait for that time.

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