Monday, October 11, 2010

I love....Monday

Today I wanted to share something that I love, Young House Love (YHL). YHL is a blog written by a 20 something couple who have been documenting the renovation and decorating of their home. YHL is a blog I read daily, not only because I really like their design aesthetic, but because they find a way to make whatever they do very accessible. Because so much of what they've done is a first for themselves, they really lay things out step by step. I also love how organized their posts are. Whenever I have an idea in mind based off of a post they've previously written, I can find it quickly. Young House Love has given me so much inspiration for our apartment, confidence to take on projects I probably wouldn't have otherwise

P.S. they also have a super cute baby named Clara, and a dog named Hamburger with his own spin-off blog. How can you resist?!

On another note, I'll have pictures from Halloween decorating over the weekend up tonight, hopefully. I have a few little things I want to work on before I take pictures and declare it finished!

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