Tuesday, October 12, 2010

boo-tiful balcony

(....You know you love that title)

I've been piecing together halloween decorations over the past few days, waiting until it was complete to share. Since I'm always changing things around, I probably won't ever really be done with it (until October 31st, that is), so I thought I would share today!

I'll start with the balcony, and put together a post with the inside later tonight or tomorrow morning. I already shared pictures of the balcony after I cleared out the summer garden and made way for the first fall touches.Over the weekend I took it from rustic fall, to spooky halloween!
You can see that the red mum is now totally in bloom, and looking gorgeous! Hopefully I'll be able to keep it that way until Thanksgiving. We also have pumpkins; a giant one to carve, and a tiny one we're calling Mango's pumpkin. You can see from this daytime view that I hung a little Halloween sign that I got from the dollar store a few years ago, stretched some spider webs across the trellis, and added lights. More specifically, candy corn lights! They're super cute and really give off the colors of candy corn. Will brought them home for me one day last week :-) You see them in all their glory in these shots I took earlier this evening:

I went up the trellis with the lights one side, and up the banister on the other to give them some balance. They are a super fun addition not only to the balcony, but the living room as well, since it looks out on it. We've even gotten compliments from the neighbors on our fun lights!

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