Friday, October 8, 2010

hello, weekend!

.... Still in my internship clothes (except for the apron, which is courtesy of my best friend Diane!)

While I appreciate the Friday night pizza as much as anyone, I also really enjoy coming home on Friday and cooking. It's one of the few nights of the week where I can relax and not worry about time. Tonight I made Fall minestrone soup with kale and butternut squash soup, a recipe I found in my favorite cookbook (aka, the one I mention in almost every recipe share!). I also made a loaf of New York Times bread, which I started last night and baked this evening. It was the perfect Friday night meal, especially while in front of the tv catching up on the dvr! :-)

fall minestrone with Parmesan on top...yummm!
 This meal would have been awesome with a hard cider. I'm not really a beer person but I had a few drinks of Will's Octoberfest while I ate because it was just asking for it! Note to self: buy some hard cider to keep around for delish weekend fall meals like this!

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Diane said...

Jon is impressed by the lighting in your photos.