Sunday, September 12, 2010

balcony fall clean up

Another project I've been waiting all week for was cleaning up the balcony garden, and planting a few fall plants. A few of my flowers from the summer are still doing pretty well, but most were dried up and ready to go.

I got rid of more than I put in, but it's nice to have that task out of the way before it starts getting cold.

What I put in was two Mum plants (a red, and a purple). I also brought out a large branch of bittersweet that has been hanging on a closet wall drying since last fall. I wrapped the bittersweet branch between the branches of the trellis.

While the purple Mum is already in full bloom, the red is filled with blossoms just waiting to fill the balcony with more fall color!

You can see that I kept some of the flowers that are still doing well, including a purple petunia, some other purple cascading flower which I forgot the name of, and a red and yellow snap dragon. Not only do they still have some life left in them, but the colors work for fall and the new additions as well. It's a pretty beginning and should be a nice backdrop for pumpkins later on in the fall.

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