Monday, September 13, 2010

I love....Monday

I feel like I'm going on a bit of a tangent about my "I love..." this week, because I talked about them several times on facebook within the past days, but I felt the need to extend my love a bit further. So this week, I'd like to tell you about how I love Renee & Jeremy. I think their own description of the type of music they make is better than any I could come up with: "children's music for people of all ages", and that's exactly what it is. I initially heard about them from Ivy, a mom with a blog (among other things, including backyard chickens!), a few years back, and I've loved them ever since. While some of their songs are very obviously children's songs, quite a few are just beautifully yet simply written songs that makes everything in the world just seem good.

Now there are a lot of musical groups and artists that I love just for their music, but what I love about Renee & Jeremy in addition to their music is how generous they are with it. If you go to their website, for example, you can listen to each of their two albums in their entirety. Pretty neat! They also have made a few music videos to go along with songs, including It's a Big World which is quite possibly one of the sweetest songs ever created, and their newest video for the song C'Mon, which totally succeeds at making me feel happy and peaceful.

My current absolute favorite song, which I just found for the first time last week, is their song Wishing Well. I used the word simple to describe their music, and this song is such a perfect example of that. It has the most simple lyrics, but it really feels like they took my world view and bottled into this pretty little song.

i wish you peace
i wish you love
i wish you now
cause now is ever and was
i wish you sight
i wish you sound
i wish you know
you know you know when it’s found

If you haven't already clicked over to their website to listen to their albums, C'Mon, and It's a Big World, please do!

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