Saturday, September 11, 2010

first hints of fall

With these cool temps and the first visit to the cider mill behind me, fall officially feels like it is here! The dining room table looked a little summery to me, so I decided to switch up the center piece to show off a hint of fall. I love using gourds to decorate in the fall, but it just doesn't feel quite time for those yet. Plus, since I'll want them out until Thanksgiving, I needed something different. Looking at the same thing two and a half months would be way too boring!

So I brainstormed how to bring in Fall without screaming fall, and how to tie in hints of yellow. After a trip to HomeGoods and Meijer, I had my supplies and inspiration: dried wheat, and green apples.

I've waiting all week for a little time over the weekend to switch things up, and I finally got that time today. I switched out the green plant for the wheat stalks, filled a white Pirex pie dish that I got from a garage sale a few years back with the green apples, and left the black tea light candle holders. The shelf got a touch of fall as well, with a few of the extra apples in a yellow ceramic bowl that I already had. Here are the results:

Fall, stage one. There will be at least two more switches before the season comes to an end, with plans already in the works, so stay tuned! In the mean time, we will enjoy the first hints of fall, right from our own dining room.

Tomorrow I take on the balcony and transform it from summer to fall....

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Danielle and Clint said...

SOO cute!! I love the pop of green!