Sunday, October 7, 2012

We're Buying a HOUSE!

Yesterday Will said that I've been preparing for this my whole life, and really, I have. Half of my childhood games involved "playing house". In high school and college, The Sims, where I could create houses and decorate them, took over. And while we've had an apartment for three years together (plus 3 years with my  roommate Megan in college), it's just not the same as a real house.

Which is to say, we are buying a house! We are currently under contract, had our own private inspection, and are fixing up the things on the city's to-do list to bring it up to code. Since the seller is selling it "as-is", we would normally have to pay the city to be able to get a temporary certificate of occupancy, but the seller is allowing us to go in and do the fixes now.

It's kind of a funny situation to have a key in my purse for a house that is not-yet mine, to be scrubbing basement walls, and hiring contractors. It definitely helps with my impatience and excitement to actually do something instead of just waiting on loan people and the city, though!

I'm also in a kind of funny situation with blogging about it. Yesterday I took pictures of every part of the house so that I could create a list to go with each one of the plans we have. The house was built in 1947, and the owner was the original owner! So, it needs some work! Luckily it's in great shape structurally, but it needs a lot of cosmetic work. I shared them on facebook, where everything is friends only, but I really want to post them here where I can elaborate more the ideas, share inspiration pictures, etc. I realized that I've posted apartment tour pictures here, and pictures of all parts of our place now, without a second thought about security. I guess living in a pretty nondescript building with 20+ other people tends to make you feel pretty much like the privacy is already gone, and the security is what it is. Now that we're going to have a little house sitting all by itself, I'm concerned about it! So I'm still considering if and how much to share on a public blog.

I guess since I really want to be able to, I just need to figure out the best way to go about it. I've also considered starting a new blog, because it seems kind of fitting for such a momentous event. Moving from our first apartment together to our first HOUSE together is a big deal! To me, this blog is all about our life in this apartment, 3D, starting graduate school, finishing graduate school, and getting a job.

 Either way, I think I need to figure something out to "talk" about my house ideas, because I've told Will everything I could possibly say, and yet every other phrase out of my mouth is still about the house haha! He's much more of a get excited about things when they happen kind of guy. When we move in, he will be excited. Myself, on the other hand, evaluates and researches every square inch of the place with excited plans. My pinterest has been expanding like crazy! Our expected closing date is at the end of the month, so hopefully I'll have a plan by then!

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Fernando Bouley said...

Aww. Look at that, you’re really excited, Jessica! Congratulations on finally being able to have your own house. :) And you’re on the right track. It’s a good idea that you took pictures of your new house’s parts. In that way, you’ll be able to specifically prepare for each part. Also, it looks like a little more gardening could make your new house even more eye-catching! :)

Fernando Bouley