Wednesday, June 22, 2011

get out the paint brush (?)

My dad bought a cabinet at a garage sale a while back. It was a great deal at only $5. He thought I would like it, and as soon as I saw it, I knew just where I wanted it to go!

The dining room has looked just about the same since last summer when I re-did it. Within the last few weeks though, I moved the white shelves into the office so I would have more space for book storage. That means all the room for displaying pretty things in the dining room went away, and my pretty things went into the hall closet. The cabinet my dad bought is perfect for the space because it's not too deep, and the extra height really adds to the room and I think makes it look even bigger.

Today he dropped it off, and I am in love.
just after it was put into place (Mango already approves)

 My first instinct? Paint it white! Of course:-)
The more I look at it though, I'm really liking the wood. So for now I decided to add a few things to make it fit in a little more, and keep looking at it for a few more days to make sure I want or do not want to paint it.

spruced, for now
I have the backing for the door on the left, but am leaving it off for the moment so I can get an idea for what open shelving or doors would look like. I've thought of doing quite a few different things:

In terms of use....
take the doors off, use it as open shelving
leave the doors on, replace the decorative metal with wood, and use as closed storage
leave the doors on, replace the wood backing of them with glass
replace the top with glass and leave the bottom wooden, leaving part display and part storage

In terms of color...
refinish the wood
paint it white
paint it a bold color
leave it as is

So we'll see! I think I like the idea of refinishing it the most, but that would be the most work. I have all materials needed for painting it white on hand, so that option is also very tempting. We'll see what I'm thinking in a few days.

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Chelsea said...

that cabinet is

so jealous.
i'm torn on the painting. white, yeah, maybe, but its so beautiful how it is!