Sunday, April 3, 2011

this and that

Life has been busy lately. Then again, when isn't it!? I've been doing some cooking here and there, mostly trying to take advantage of when I DO have time to cook by cooking things that last for a while/make lots of leftovers. For example, last Sunday, I made a big lasagna. It made for a nice Sunday meal, and excellent lunch leftovers for the week.

Today, I made chicken and dumplings in the crock pot-so delicious! It's definitely one of my favorite crock pot meals, but I don't make it often. I essentially followed this recipe, though I was mostly winging it until I found that recipe for timing. Also, instead of making biscuits, I use those premade ones from a tube. All you do it cut them into little chunks and put them into the crock pot for the last 30 minutes or so of cooking. If you're a fan of soggy bread type things (french toast, bread pudding, etc.) like I am, you will love chicken and dumplings! It reminds me of the inside of  chicken pot pie meets savory french toast.

I can hardly believe it, but I'm now two weeks away from graduation! The school district I'm in actually has spring break this coming week, so I have the week off, followed by a last week of interning, and then graduation on the 16th. I realized today that I'll have to change my header in a few weeks! I will no longer be a graduate student taking on food, home, and other creative endeavors. Crazy. I've identified as a student for so long, it's going to be a huge transition. I'll certainly still be creating,I'll just have to figure out what I want to put in front of that :-)

I'm seriously looking forward to the week off ahead of me. I have a lot of things to wrap up for graduation, a big final research presentation for my department, and a job interview (!), but I plan on including as much cooking as possible, plus making some tweaks to the apartment. It is definitely ready for some spring cleaning and updating.


Kristine. said...

I'm SO excited for you! Transitioning after graduating with my MSW was the weirdest feeling ever. I'd been in school constantly since kindergarten, and all of a sudden I didn't have to go anymore! Cherish that feeling. The real world is...interesting. ;) I can't believe you're already done (though I'm sure it felt like forever for you, haha!)

Ms. Barcey's Blog said...

That lasagna looks fantastic!! I love lasagna!! :-)