Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jessica Riney, M.A. CF-SLP

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I am officially done with grad school, and now a Speech-Language Pathologist! The CF before my title stands for clinical fellow, and is essentially a step below full certification. After 9 months of working with increased supervision, I'll have my full fledged license.

I have one day of "freedom", tomorrow, before I start my first job on Monday morning! I'll be working at a preschool and early intervention center until the end of the school year, and I couldn't be more excited. Helping babies, toddlers, and preschoolers develop language? Amazing.

On my to-do list for tomorrow is making a new header. No more student in this girls title! :-)
Edit: new header is complete! 

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Chelsea said...

and your new header looks great,
and i cannot wait to hear about your preschool SLP endeavors. seriously. living vicariously through you right now <3