Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas in 3D

I've been working on decorating the apartment over the past week, and like many of my projects, it kind of took on a life of its own. I rarely have a set plan ahead of time for exactly how I'm going to do a project, I just kind of dive in and adjust as necessary as I go along. I knew I wanted to keep the decorating at least somewhat within our existing decor and colors, but still wanted it to be festive and fun. This year was more fun than decorating last year, since I wasn't starting from scratch. It was super fun to go to our storage closet and pull out the boxes, knowing there was lots to get started with.

Because I'm never finished with projects, I full expect to be posting updates and changes throughout the month. Because of the light situation, I decided to wait on tree pictures, and focus on the other decorations I have so far, in the dining room.

This first area is the wall to the left of our dining room table. I hung a wreath that I wrapped in white lights, and some tiny matte, shiny, and sparkly balls that either turquoise, silver, or white. They go perfectly with the curtains! And I hung our stockings below, which add in some traditional red. I painted our names on each stocking last year.

 The table has some more sparkle with a bowl filled with larger silver balls and an assortment of the small turquoise ornaments from the wreath.

You might recognize the antiquey-silver goblet vase from Halloween! When I saw it at home goods, I thought it looked equal parts classy Christmas and spooky Halloween (given some cob webs), so I knew it would give me more bang for my buck than something with, for instance, witches or reindeer on it. I did make one change to it though. As it was on its own, the glass bowl and the vase were pretty similar in height, and it didn't look the best. As as I was cleaning out a drawer the other day I came upon a stainless steel candle lid, and a lightbulb went off. See the lowest layer of the vase? The smooth part? That, is the candle lid. Every once in a while my hoarding of random objects pays off.

 You can also see the turquoise placemats I have, which is the back half of the fall placemats I had out last month. 

Above the table are these white sparkly snowflakes that I bought for $2 at Target and hung at various heights with some ribbon.

Finally, I added some christmas to the shelf in the dining room with this tiny christmas tree I've had since my freshmen year dorm. I'm pretty sure I got it at the dollar store! With little white lights and some of the same tiny bulbs, it looks prefectly festive.

 So that's what I have so far. I still plan on adding some tiny touches in other places throughout the apartment. I like to do a little something in the bathroom and the kitchen, and I still would like to tweak the table a bit. The balcony has lights, which I'll share soon, and of course, the Christmas tree, which we have in the living room. Tonight Will and I walked around Target's ornament selection, and it gave me some ideas for little ornaments I'd like to craft. Will even wants to help! Hope your holiday season is off to a nice start!

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