Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving pie

I had plans today to finish up my internship day, and then drive directly home to my parents house to work on my yearly contribution to Thanksgiving dinner: PIE! Because I knew I would need some extra energy to get all of it accomplished, I got a cup of coffee and it has kept me busy. I've been going going going, and put my last pie into the oven a little after 11. Tired is finally starting to sneak up on me though.

So here is what has been keeping me so busy:
Tomorrow is also my boyfriend Will's birthday, so at his request, a birthday pie! On the right is the pie he chose, a sweet potato pecan pie. The bottom layer is sweet potato pie, with pecan pie on top. I'm going to stick a birthday candle in it tomorrow :-)

 On the left is an apple pie. I roughly followed these two recipes:
The filling . I did not use the 5 pounds of apples it called for! The pan is deep dish (around 3 inches), and was filled to the top with 3 pounds. I have no clue how you could ever fit 2 more pounds in!

The last pie of the night was this creation that is still in the oven. It's an apple berry(raspberry,blueberry,blackberry)  pie, with crumble topping mixed into the fruit mixture, and lots of spicy ginger. I started this pie after 11 pm, so I kind of just went crazy throwing things in. I also made a cute little flower for the top out of pie crust. It sure is pretty, hopefully it's tasty too!

 Edited to add @ 12:22 a.m.:
Here is the apple-berry pie all finished. It is so pretty! I love how the red berries bubbled up against the golden crust.

And the final pie which I'll throw together tomorrow morning, a pumpkin pie in a grahm cracker crust. Pumpkin pie really isn't all that thrilling to me, so I put off making it all night. Thanksgiving dinner without a pumpkin pie is just unthinkable though, so it will be made!

I'll be back with some finished product pictures tomorrow night! Enjoy your feast tomorrow!

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