Monday, October 4, 2010

I love....Monday

A cleaning product may not be the most exciting thing to love, but since you have to clean at least a few times a week, you might as well love what you're using. So this Monday, I share a product I love, Dr. Bronner's All-One Pure Castile Soap.  It's important to me to clean with products that aren't toxic and that are safe for humans, kitties, and the earth, in addition to working well, and if possible, smelling nice! This product answers all of those wishes, and more.

A bottle of concentrated, all natural soap is around $15, which, if you saw it sitting on the shelf at the store, would seem quite expensive. However, I purchased my 32 ounce bottle of peppermint scented soap when we moved into our apartment (July 2009), and over a year later it's not even half way gone. I put a small amount into a spray bottle, add water, and use it to clean counter tops, wipe down the fridge, clean the cat litter box, the bathroom, and pretty much anything else that needs cleaning. I love that it's all natural (you can even brush your teeth with it!) since we have a strange kitty who likes to lick the shower walls. While you can use it as body soap in the shower, I prefer my kitchen to smell like peppermint and not my body! I recently tried the bar soap, however, in the Lavender scent, and it's lovely for shaving or body cleaning in general.

When I first started using Dr. Bronner's a few years ago, I had to get it at Whole Foods (Trader Joes also carries it). More recently it is carried at Target, which is super convenient. Next time you need a new cleaning product, consider Dr. Bronner's!

p.s. Check out the new fall themed header! What do you think? I planned on keeping the lemon header but I got bored on Saturday and decided a seasonal header was needed :-) This seems to reflect my real life a lot in that one part of me likes consistency, and another part of me likes to switch things up! So I will probably be changing out the header once or so per season (and maybe more often in the winter, since that season seems to drag on for about 1/3 of the year!). 

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