Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mark Bittman's Baked Macaroni and Cheese

I've been a big fan of Mark Bittman ever since reading his book, Food Matters . I'm facebook fan of him, and he posts links to his blogs with recipes quite often. When I saw baked macaroni and cheese posted on Sunday, I knew I wanted to make it! I happened to leave my internship on the early side today, so I had time to stop at the store and pick up some ingredients I needed.

It turned out super yummy. I did find a few things I would want to adjust (as I always do the first time I try a recipe...), but overall I loved it and am already looking forward to leftovers tomorrow for lunch!The recipe did take a little more time than I would normally spend on a weeknight, but it wasn't difficult by any means. I threw together a salad from one of those salad kits and it was a warm, filling, tasty dinner!


Dayna said...

Oh wow, this looks DELICIOUS. Was it overall expensive to make? I've always shied away from homemade mac and cheese in lieu of the $1 Kraft stuff, but this looks worthy of taking as a dish to a potluck. Also, I wanted to say I love your blog and pretty much jump at the chance to read each new entry!

Jessica said...

I put off making it for a few days thinking I would need tons of ingredients, but when I looked into it closer, it's actually pretty simple. Butter, cheese, milk, a tiny bit of flour, 2 bay leaves, bread crumbs... and I think that was it? All I had to buy was a block of sharp cheddar cheese, and milk (because we happened to be out). We had a block of Parmesan, which can be kind of pricey, but it only calls for 1/2 a cup. The recipe also says there are 4-6 servings but I think it is way closer to 6 or even more servings. If you don't want tons of leftovers, you could definitely half it (and use half a box of pasta as opposed to a whole, like I did).