Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween in an apartment is pretty low key. As much as I long for some cute trick or treaters, I've been making my own halloween fun. This morning I made pumpkin bread, I carved the pumpkins tonight (including a tiny cat themed one for miss Mango),and I am halfway through separating seeds from pumpkin guts. I plan on winding down the day with Will, watching Dexter, and eating candy. I'm also trying to enjoy the last of the spiders, webs, and other creepiness in the dining room. Tomorrow after my internship I'll be putting away the halloween decorations, and moving on to the next stage of fall. I love the spooky things, but I love putting up new things even more, so I'm excited!

p.s. I had to share Mango's halloween costume. Construction paper+tape=costume. It lasted for all of 10 seconds before they were off, but it was long enough to get a picture. So cute!

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