Saturday, September 18, 2010

peach crisp

Last night I was so excited to have a night in with Will! Our school and work schedules never seem to mesh, meaning I spent a lot of my free evenings and weekends at home alone doing my own thing, and he spends a lot of days off alone playing video games. He had originally planned on going out with some friends but decided to stay in with me instead. How lucky can I get? :-)

So we watched the season finale of Top Chef, and an episode from the first season of Mad Men (we just started watching it, and are trying to get caught up to the current season). My mom bought me some Michigan peaches and I've been wanting to do something with them, so last night's tv night in was the perfect opportunity for some peach crisp.

I based it off of a recipe from The Art of Simple Food , which is quickly becoming my favorite cookbook. It has recipes for most things I want to make, and the directions are really detailed, including lots of little tips and details that most cookbooks don't give. For instance, I learned that a cobbler has more of a biscuit crust, whereas a cobbler has a crumbly topping.

I say that I based it off of this recipe because I had WAY less peaches than were called for! I decided to go ahead and make the full amount of crisp topping since she  mentioned it could be frozen, and having crisp topping for an impromptu apple/peach/berry/whatever crisp sounded amazing. So I put enough on to top the portion I made, and froze the rest in a plastic container.

Will absolutely loved it, but I thought it could be better. I actually forgot the cinnamon in the crisp topping, so I thought it really lacked flavor. I really think I would want even more than cinnamon though, if when I make it again.

So give me some help! What spices would be delish with peach crisp? How about with other types of fruit? What are your favorite spices to bake with? Right now I have cinnamon and ginger, but I could certainly buy some different spices. Give me your best spice tips!

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Anonymous said...

Mmm. I love that cookbook too. I was looking at it yesterday and I want to eat everything.

It sounds snooty but lemon or orange zest (and sometimes a little juice) are fun to put in baked things if you want a tangy zing! I got a zester from Target for like 3 dollars.