Monday, September 27, 2010

I love....Monday

This Monday I wanted to share how much I love the library. While it's always been a neat place, I feel like technology and the "modern library" has taken away all of the hassle. If I want a certain book or cd, I can look it up on the website, and have it sent to the closest branch. And if I forget about returning a book until I get an e-mail reminder telling me it's due (aka, every time), I can renew it right from the website.

Especially during times when money is tight (IE: now), I find it amazing that I can walk in to the library, and walk out with a huge stack of books, magazines, movies, and CDs all for free. Though my library doesn't offer the feature, I was totally amazed last week at my internship when a client was accessing his local library's website to download audio books to his I-pod, all for free. This particular client has some pretty big challenges physically, so for him to be able to access the library so easily without making the trip there is really great.

One thing I haven't really taken advantage of borrowing are cook books. I have quite a few cookbooks that I purchased and sit on my shelf, rarely looked at, so borrowing them from the library would be a great solution. I'm definitely going to have to check out the cook book section next time I visit!

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