Monday, August 30, 2010

I love....Monday

Today I'm introducing a weekly post I'm going to call "I love...Monday" where I share a product/company/person/event/place/etc. that makes my life better. In trying to decide which day of the week deserved this post, I figured Monday deserved a little gratitude among the "I hate Mondays!" it usually gets. With that, let me introduce you to my first love.

I love...Brita. Yes, the water filtration company. Will has always had a Brita pitcher in his fridge, so when we moved in together a year ago, the Brita pitcher came too! I appreciate having cold water ready to drink all the time without having to get out ice, so I appreciated it for that reason only. It also contains a filter which reduces sediments, chlorine tastes and odors, which is something I've grown to appreciate, but I am still fine with drinking plain old tap water. The biggest reason I love Brita is because of an incident that happened last week. A few weeks ago, the lid to the spout broke off from the rest of the lid.

As soon as this happened, I could taste a difference in the water from it being exposed to all the other fridge contents. I then covered the spout with a piece of foil, but that continued to fall off and obviously wasn't a permanent solution. Will was convinced we'd need to purchase a new pitcher, but I really wanted to see if buying a lid on its own was possible before investing in another pitcher. I checked the internet first, like usual, but couldn't find anything other than a note on their website asking customers to call the company for replacement parts. When I called and inquired about purchasing a new lid, the woman asked when we had purchased the pitcher. I really don't remember exactly, but I knew we got the space saving version to replace Will's old pitcher (which now serves as a plant watering can) "sometime last summer." With that, she asked for our address to ship out a new lid, free of charge. Just two days later, our shiny new lid arrived in the mail. The shipping cost on the label was over $5, which really impressed me. Yes, to this giant company, $5 in shipping plus the cost of a new lid is probably minuscule, but it's something I think most companies would charge the customer for. I also really appreciated that I didn't have to send in a receipt, proof of purchase, etc. to prove how long I've had it, not only because that would have taken more time and hassle, but because who really saves those things for every purchase? So Brita, you are my love of the week. Thank you not only for your great product, but amazing customer service!

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