Sunday, August 29, 2010

one man's trash...

Here's what I love about having a blog: I can have my posts all planned out, from when I'm going to post, to what it's going to be on, and then things just pop up that need to be blogged about. Case in point? Tonight's find from someones trash. I was driving to my dad's house to pick up a library book from my little brother, and I saw this awesome outdoor table and two chairs in front of someones house, ready for the trash. They were in such great condition that I was even afraid to take them in case they had it out front for some reason other than trash. I ended up knocking on their door, they said I was welcome to have it, and even offered to help me load it into the car!

Will and I have wanted an outdoor table since we moved in last summer, but even the cheapest sets from Big lots and Ikea (places I specifically looked for them) were over $50. This one isn't in perfect condition. It really needs a good cleaning, and some of the plastic weaving is cracking, but it's absolutely usable, especially for free!

I just finished bringing it in from my car and moving plants around to fit it on the balcony.When I get back from vacation, cleaning it up and finding some cute clearance outdoor seat cushions is my first project!

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Anonymous said...

It is awesome Jess! It fits well into that corner, and is in really good shape! Good job!