Saturday, July 2, 2011

Patio post

Right now I'm out on the patio, eating my breakfast, drinking my iced coffee, and blogging from my phone. I still haven't quite gotten over how cool my phone is, so excuse me while I say, technology is so freaking fun! So anyways, I brought my breakfast outside today because it's a beautiful morning and I have never even eaten at the table I have out here! One of my favorite food bloggers,, eats outside regularly and always brings out a place mat or centerpiece to make it even more of a treat. This morning is a treat, one I'm going to be taking advantage of a lot more!

Edit: Also, technology can be frustrating. I ended up having to save the post and come in to finish it on my computer due some issues with adding in the picture via my iphone. Why doesn't blogger have an app?? I found a few made by third parties, but none are free. I like free :-)

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