Monday, June 27, 2011


I have white lights around the balcony for several reasons. First, I love them. And really, that's all the reason there needs to be, right?! I hate to turn lights off after christmas. All of a sudden a space that is glowy and gorgeous is again just dark and blank. Second, having lights on the balcony, which is right off of our living room, means we can enjoy the space and our plants into the evening and night instead of just during the day time hours.

Though I've been spending a lot of time out there tending the plants, I have spent any time out their just enjoying the space because there was no where to sit and enjoy! I was home in Dearborn last week for a dentist appointment though, and found two perfectly good patio chairs in someones trash.

So tonight I finally got out there to read a book and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Surrounded by tiny white lights, plants that and gradually filling in the space, and a perfectly warm and humid night.

gloriously glowy :-)

Will chose this flower, an evening primrose, when we started planting last month. It has grown SO quickly, and we were excited to see some flower buds over the past few days. This evening, right on schedule, one of the flowers bloomed!

Finally, a Mango update: the first day or two was a bit difficult. I almost felt like Will and I had brought a new baby home, because she needed near constant supervision to stay away from her stitches. We were trading off Mango duty to get sleep or to do simple things like showering. She's doing much better now, though! Her tail is about an inch shorter, but otherwise she's getting back to regular crazy Mango :-)

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