Sunday, May 29, 2011

stormy weather ahead

IMG_1284, originally uploaded by jess3686.

When the weather forecast calls for strong winds, hail, and a tornado warning, this is what the balcony looks like. I take everything down and put it on the floor close to the door. If the rains get really bad (which they have a lot lately), everything gets watered but not washed out, and the wind is avoided as much as possible. I don't do this every time the weather is bad, but if I'm home, it's worth the effort. I think my biggest fear is one of my pots blowing from the third story balcony and killing someone! Death by flying flower pot; it's all 3D's fault.

I've added so much since the last time I posted about the balcony progress. Just as soon as we have some nice weather and I can get things back into place, I will share it all with you!

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