Sunday, February 13, 2011

valentines day roses

valentines day roses, originally uploaded by jess3686.
This afternoon Will and I stopped at Whole Foods for a few things for the week. I by no means things Whole Foods is the place to go for everything, but I really like getting lunch meat there, and they have my favorite greek yogurt flavor:Vosko's fig. They also have a gorgeous flower department, and Will asked if I wanted to choose some valentines day roses! What a smart man I have, giving me a choice! It might not be as romantic as surprise flowers, but I sure like being able to choose! I decided on these beautiful hot pink roses. Perfect for bringing in some color that I am SO ready for! Will has actually been super generous lately, offering to buy flowers on our last two shopping trips, so we've been well stocked with flowers! In the past few weeks we've had white roses, white tulips, and red tulips. Tulips are the first flower he ever bought me, just a week after we started dating back in 2005, and before we were even "official", so they are extra special to me. Happy Valentines day to all of my readers, and I hope you get to enjoy something pretty too!

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Liz said...

Those roses are beautiful! He is a smart man...