Friday, December 10, 2010

oh, christmas tree

After a little light snafu, removal and replacement of all of the ornaments, and replacement of a strand of lights, our tree is done, and it is beautiful, if I do say so myself. It's not completely filled up, but I have no plans to buy any more ornaments. I really like the idea of collecting ornaments throughout the years rather than filling it up with a bunch of things bought quickly. I did buy the sign language ornaments, and Will and I bought these adorable sparkly forest ornaments with tiny cardinals on the branches (picture below). Will's family also donated a few ornaments to the cause, including an adorable santa that plugs into the light strand for power, with a little candle in his hand that lights up. Thanks to the Sparrow's! Your passed down ornaments are my favorite kind :-)

I still have some ideas in mind for some ornaments I would like to make, so I might be adding a few more. I also really don't like the green plastic pipe that extends from the bottom and serves as the "stump" of the tree. I've been thinking and thinking about a solution that would remind me a little more of a real tree, and have an idea I think could look really neat. Even though I'm done with my internship, my time was quickly filled up with end of the semester projects, so I'd had very little free time. Hopefully things will slow down in the next week or so!

P.S. the tree skirt? Our old duvet cover :-) It's been sitting in the linen closet for months and finally found a purpose!

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