Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a day of christmas baking

I spent literally all day Monday baking with my mom and Aunt Jeryl (my godmother). We got to her house around 10:30 and left around 7:00, stopping the cookie, candy, and bar making for only a few minutes to put together a sandwich. It was so fun that we decided to make it a tradition. So here is cookie baking, year one, 2010.

my mom works on her batch of 7 layer bars

when you have no more room in the fridge and you live in Michigan, your giant bowl of gingerbread dough goes outside to chill.  Cute dog to guard bowl is optional :-)

the hot tub became a cooling rack landing spot when we ran out of counter space

It made for a really nice time together, and a will make for a really delicious dessert table on Saturday!

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