Thursday, October 14, 2010

cupcake therapy

I mentioned a few weeks ago how one of the clients at my internship likes to sell baked goods around the center to raise money for various charities. My supervisor has turned this into a time to address pragmatics (the social use of language). I love making cupcakes, but don't need 2 dozen of them sitting around my apartment, so I was really excited to contribute some bake goods to the cause. So Sunday night I made strawberry cupcakes , and Monday we had our cupcake therapy! It was really fun, plus a great way to address some of this clients needs. Working on manners, responding appropriately to peoples questions and comments, and saying things that are appropriate for the person you're speaking to are all things we covered while raising money for the Humane Society (clients choice of charity). It was also fun to share my delish cupcakes with lots of people, since normally it's limited to Will and maybe a few of his friends.

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