Monday, September 6, 2010

I love....Monday

A few posts back I shared quite a few pictures of my beautiful kitty, Mango. This past Saturday marked the one year anniversary of Will and I adopting Mango from the shelter. So, this week, I love the Dearborn Animal Shelter. The Dearborn Animal Shelter is near and dear to my heart because I know so many beautiful adopted kitties from there. Dearborn is where I grew up, so when my family wanted to adopt a kitten in 2005, we went there and have been enjoying Ella ever since. I also know several friends who have adopted their kitties in Dearborn including my best friend's Buzzcut.

So when Will and I wanted to adopt a cat last summer, even though we don't live in Dearborn, we decided to make the short drive, and I'm so glad we did! The shelter always has lots of cats and kittens. One thing I love about the shelter is that even with limited funds and space, they do the very best they can for the animals. They even made national news last summer, when they took in and facilitated adoptions of 110 chihuahuas from a Dearborn home where they were being hoarded. 

It was important to Will that we adopt from a no-kill shelter. A volunteer at the shelter told me that while the shelter can't technically be called "no-kill" (the put down animals that are very, very sick), they never put down animals on a time or space limit. I visited the cat community house, which is a group of trailers behind the shelter that houses adult cats so they can live in a more home-like environment instead of in a cage next door to the noisy dogs. The trailers have couches, cat trees, windows, and cat toys, all to keep the group of cats living there relaxed and happy. While these cats would love to be adopted, they're in what has to be pretty close to cat heaven.

If you live in Michigan and would like to adopt a cat or other animal, consider the Dearborn Animal Shelter. If not, and you'd like to help out in another way, the shelter website gives ideas on how you can do that, from donating money, to collecting and donating items on their wish list, and even volunteering. Thanks for bringing Mango to us, Dearborn Animal Shelter!

We couldn't be happier with our goofy, cuddly, playful kitty!

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