Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the breakfast I wish I was having this morning....

I realize oatmeal is not the most time consuming food in the world, but on weekday mornings, anything more than dump cereal, pour milk, eat seems like a huge chore. Sad, but true. This was my Sunday morning oatmeal, and let me tell you, it was delish.

Oats made with milk, cooked along with raisins, about half of an apple chopped, some ground flax seed, and topped with brown sugar. Yum. I might be able to enjoy tasty breakfasts like this during the week if I could cut down on my lengthy showers, but with the morning temps getting chillier, that's probably not going to happen.

Speaking of oatmeal, remember my previous attempt at pumpkin oats turned sweet potato oats due the shortage of canned pumpkin? Well Sunday I found a large selection of canned pumpkin at Kroger, and of course I scooped up a can (maybe I should have bought a few extra?!?). Hooray for the shortage being over, I suppose?? I'm thinking Saturday morning pumpkin oats definitely need to happen...stay tuned!

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Erin said...

Why not make a really big batch and microwave some in the morning? It may not look quite as good as it did the first day (unless you use my avocado trick), but I bet it would still be yummy. If you put an avocado pit in the batch of oatmeal, it keeps it looking better. I know that you've probably done that with guacamole, but it works on non-avocado foods, as well. The oatmeal looks delicious! It looks like one of your amazing deserts, not just boring old oatmeal!