Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday evening BBQ

Today my boyfriend Will invited his good friend Zach and his girlfriend Samantha over for a barbecue. We bought a tiny charcoal grill for our patio and have really been enjoying it. On the menu tonight was homemade salsa (made with tomatoes from my mom's garden) with tortilla chips, burgers, garlic parmesan roasted red potatoes, and chicken and veggie kabobs. Zach and Samantha were kind enough to provide the refreshments (Smirnoff mixed drinks), and a neat Asian ice cream dessert. Unfortunately I got busy, and didn't get as many pictures as I usually like to take. Here's what I did get in between cooking, grilling, and enjoying our summer feast:
Cilantro turned house plant!

I've never seen purple peppers before, I had to buy them! They were tasty and pretty :-)

roasted potatoes

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