Friday, August 13, 2010

errands on two wheels: so much to see!

I've been thinking about biking a lot lately, and how many of the places I go on a regular basis are within easy biking distance. I just returned from my first bike trip, a ride to Meijer to pick up a few things for dinner. It would normally be less than a five minute drive. On bike, it took about 15, so not bad at all. I couldn't believe how much my perspective changed from just one bike ride. There is so much more to see and notice when I'm not surrounded by the walls of my car. Some of the pretty wild flowers I experienced along the way:

The heat and humidity is so intense that as soon as I trudged up to my third floor apartment with bike in tow, I went immediately to the shower. I had part of dinner going while I was gone. It smells delicious! About to go finish it up and eat. I'll post later tonight about it...

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