Sunday, August 22, 2010

cupcakes for friends

I'm leaving in a little while to go to my best friend Diane's house for lunch with some old friends from high school. We don't see each other as much as we did back then, but every time we get together I'm reminded of why I loved high school so much: I had amazing friends! I decided to bring cupcakes to our little get together, so this  morning I made chocolate cupcakes with homemade strawberry butter cream frosting, and half with (non-homemade) chocolate frosting. After they were frosted, I topped them with pink and green sugar. I also got super cute cupcake liners yesterday that claimed to keep their bright colors even after baking, so I was interested to test them out. They turned out great, and I loved the added fun that the bright liners provided.


Anonymous said...

Those liners are so cute! It could be even cuter if you used green frosting instead of chocolate.

Jessica said...

the chocolate was kind of a 'fix' when I ran out of the home made butter cream and didn't feel like pulling the blender back out! haha Green would definitely be very cute. I made some green and orange cupcakes for my cat's birthday party in the spring, I'll post about them later!

dzurawski said...

I'm so very excited that I get to eat these cupcakes.